Everyday life, with its incessant rhythms, can leave us breathless. For this reason, it is important to find moments for “losing yourself” and to rediscover the well-being that balances our spirit.

The mountain is already an open-air spa, where all our 5 senses can find harmony and both our body and spirit reap the benefits.

This is why we created a wellness centre, to bring all of Nature’s benefits right here to you, in the hotel itself. Green is the colour of ultimate relaxation while the scent of Stone Pinewood produces beneficial effects on our body by slowing down the heart rate and promoting relaxation. The sweet sound of flowing water takes us back to our origins and fills us with a sense of spiritual fulfilment.

Finnish Sauna: (temperature 80-90 degrees, humidity 10-13%)

Made entirely from natural Stone Pinewood, at high temperatures it releases all its aroma and sense of well-being. We recommend you alternate 10-15 minutes in the sauna with 20-minute rest periods, for a maximum of 3 times. The hot and cold contrast cleanses the skin and helps eliminate impurities, it stimulates the heart and circulation, strengthens the immune system, gives new energy, stimulates the pituitary and adrenal glands, prevents ageing and is an excellent antidote for stress.

Turkish Bath or Steam Bath (temperature 40-45 degrees, humidity 90%)

We recommend you stay in the Turkish bath for 10-15 minutes, and then take a tepid shower before relaxing on a comfortable lounger, wrapped in soft towels. Essential oils and herbs dissolved in the steam are absorbed by the entire body. In this way, the body relaxes and muscle tension diminishes. Excellent for rheumatic pain, “lumbago”, metabolic disorders, circulation, bronchitis and skin impurities

Infrared cabin (temperature 27-37 degrees) 

With an air temperature of about 30 °C, infrared radiation is applied evenly and contact-free to the back using a special lamp (ceramic radiator filled with lava sand). Heat is therefore applied to a limited area of 10 to 12% of the skin’s surface (ideally the back) via uninterrupted infrared radiation.  The heat intensity can be adjusted to your comfort level or the heat absorption capacity of your skin.

Using the infrared cabins can improve circulation and blood flow to the body’s organs, muscles, connective tissue and the skin. It stimulate the metabolism, provides soothing neurotransmitters and regulates the immune system. Moreover, intense perspiration can also assist detoxification and purification. These are just a few of the benefits to be gained from gentle deep heat, which may be useful for a large number of conditions.

Relaxation Rooms

After your sauna or treatment, take time out to relax on our comfortable loungers … breathe in the scent of Stone Pine wood, together with the aromas of flowers and mountain hay, and enjoy a refreshing alpine herbal tea.

Massage and Beauty Treatments

Let yourself be pampered in the hands of our expert beautician and masseuse … using strictly natural products, made with ingredients from the woods in South Tyrol, she will dissolve any tensions you may have, providing you with precious moments of complete well-being.

Let’s talk about us…

We had a fantastic welcome when we arrived. All of the staff were so friendly and remembered our names whenever we moved around the hotel. The housekeeping team kept our room meticulous. The food served was of a high standard and plentiful. It was a brilliant holiday.

Helen, Google Business

My husband and I spent a week at this hotel, our first trip to Italy, and every aspect of our time there was superb. The hotel furnishings, the staff, the meals, absolutely everything was beyond our expectations. We would love to return and confirm that this family hotel is exceptional and Molveno is a true delight in the Dolomites!

Rebecca, Google Business

A great experience at a first rate hotel. Our stay could not have been better

Philip, Google Business

Wonderful hotel in a stunning location. Exquisite food and friendly staff. One of the best hotels I have ever stayed in

John, Google Business

Our one week stay at the All Dolomiti Boutique Lake Hotel ranks as one of our best holidays ever. My wife and I couldn’t have asked for more. Besides the meals and facilities being excellent, every member of the staff were superb in every way. They made us feel welcome and brought smiles to our faces whenever we talked to them.

Melvin, Google Business

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