The forecast in Molveno

To start your journey well prepared

The climate in Molveno, a classic mountain one, can be very variable, even in summer. In spring and autumn we recommend to dress, as we say, like an "onion" because, during the day, if the weather is sunny, the temperatures are very pleasant and can be pretty hot, but early in the morning and in the evening there is a noticeable temperature change. In case there may happen the classics mountain storms, always bring with you some warm clothes and a windbreaker.
Summer temperatures are usually between 20 and 28 degrees, but also during this season there may be sudden changes during the day. In addition to the classic summer outfit, it is better to bring some sweatshirt or golf, especially for the evening, and a windbreaker in case of rain.
In winter the Molveno's climate is generally cold and dry, but clearly with a good chance of snowfalls. If traveling by car, you must have winter tires or snow chains on board.

Here is the weather forecast for Molveno:

5 = 4

12.09.21 – 23.10.21
If you stay 5 days, one is free!


29.04.21 – 01.11.26
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